Chennai, March 12, 2018: In line with the government’s goal of Making India a cashless economy and Go Digital, Millennium Soft-Tech India, a pioneer in delivering innovative Point of Sale (PoS) technology products and solutions to fast-growing retail Industry, today unveiled a powerful billing solution combining a state-of-the-art Android m-POS device with a powerful business Software and a Payment terminal to accept all Credit/Debit cards, Cheques, Cash and E-wallets.
All in One Mobile POS
MagicBoxMobile POS Terminal”, a revolutionary POS package is a boon for all types of retail businesses, particularly the vast unorganized retail sector as retailers can now upgrade their business with an integrated POS and payment solution, which is affordable and also easy to use.
The MagicBox device boasts a 5.5-inch Touch screen display powered by a Quadcore processor, in-built 2” Thermal printerand2D Barcode reader while the pre-loaded application software has been developed to support critical features such as anytime/anywhere billing, Inventory management, Spot offers/discounts, CRM, loyalty program etc to name a few. Further, the software facilitates diverse payment options through the Payment terminal for every transaction as well.
 Unveiling the new payment-cum-mobile POS, Mr Bhaskar Venkatraman, CEO and Director of Millennium Soft-TechMr. Bhaskar Venkatraman India, said: “The new POS device can be a game-changer for small and medium retail businesses who are facing difficulty in managing cash transactions & losing business post-demonetization as customers increasingly prefer card or wallet payments. With India moving towards cash-less economy and retailers wanting to gain control by staying lean, we believe that, MagicBox can sophisticate their business, regularize transactions, go cashless and enhance shopping experience for customers.”
To make it affordable even for road-side retail vendors, the device can be bought at a one-time payment of Rs.16,999/- with a monthly “cloud” subscription charge of Rs.999/-.
Explaining about the cloud charges, Bhaskar said, “Since all business transaction data can be saved on a secured cloud server, by paying a nominal fee, retailers can get access to real-time sales and other vital business information anytime, anywhere and are free from data loss, malware and security threats. They are also saved from investing a huge amount on POS system, software and other necessary accessories.”
The MagicBox can be used in kirana/Grocery stores, Convenio stores, Electric and electronics shops, Pharmacy, Coffee & bakery shops, Ice cream parlors, Textile stores, wholesale businesses, mobile stores, beauty salons, health clinics, food courts, and also by small-time traders like tea shops, pan shops, road side eateries, to name a few, concluded Bhaskar.
Customers can contact toll free number – 18001233010 and 9176662020 to access information on Magic Box.
About Millennium India
Established in 2002, Millennium Soft-Tech (India) Pvt Ltd has been in the forefront of providing Point of Sale (POS) technology products and solutions to Indian businesses through astute marketing strategy supported by huge partners’ network across India.
Having associated with world’s leading POS brands, Millennium understands the growing demands of retailers better than anyone else irrespective of their size, stature and nature of business, and offers comprehensive, advanced and sustainable solutions to enhance their businesses.
Headquartered in Chennai and having branches all major cities in India, Millennium has a clear vision of empowering millions of unorganized small and medium enterprises spread across the country by automating their transaction activities and make them competitive with established market peers.
As the national distributor of leading multinational POS brands including Epson, Posiflex, Toshiba, Honeywell, Godex, and Opticon, Millennium offers POS solutions to corporate brands, retail giants and SMEs across India.
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